Website Redesign


Amica Wronki S.A. is one of the biggest and best recognized Polish companies. The company is listed on the Stock Exchange in Warsaw and in 2012 reached the income of PLN 1.5 billion. Over 2000 people are employed in its all factories and offices in Poland and abroad. Amica specializes in large household appliances. My task was to prepare the concept of a modern and user-friendly website. At the beginning I developed a mock-up, the idea and the grid which was the starting point for the project.
I focused on bold and big photography, showing the details of Amica products and on the publication of the most popular products in an individual way.


Home Page Slide Show


Home page slide shows the main products of the company with additional detailed photographs and a brief description of the most important functions.




Some elements of the home page facilitate were hidden beneath the buttons in the menu. From the menu you can go to the selected products, search and narrow down you search, go to the corporate website and social media. During scrolling, the main menu is moved up and it stops at the upper edge of the browser.


Product Subpages


Universal pages for products contain all the necessary information, such as technical data, documentation, accessibility, shops where you can buy the products, additional pictures and related products. Each product category is distinguished by an appropriate color scheme consistent with Amica branding.


Corporate Website


Corporate website is a mirror of the home page designated for the shareholders of the company. It includes elements such as career, investor relations, history of company and press center.